Internet safety: Children ‘fending for themselves online’ – BBC News

Please read this article and use the comments to discuss how organisations working with children and especially schools are working to help young people. Schools have safeguards on their networks to prevent access to unsuitable sites but once a child is ‘let loose” with their tech they can access anything. Schools work with parents but in my experience parents tend not to attend online sessions specifically aimed at them and often feedback from schools shows those who do attend are the parents who are, or will, take control of their child’s Internet use. Those parents who do not attend are the ones who are often oblivious to the challenges of Internet use.

The Internet Is Broken. Here’s How I’d Fix It – Medium Walter Isaccson

This article can be an excellent talking point in a Computing lesson. It could be a way to illicit from young people how they would like the Internet technology to evolve and would also be an excellent starter to look both at online safety and cyber security