Educational Software

Tyncan are licensed to provide sales and curriculum support for the following Software providers:


RobotoxicLS is a company that looks to inspire the next generation of innovators with the creation of robotics, coding education programmes and robots for children to learn STEM and other key creative skills such as critical thinking. A few of the key products that this company provides are the TACO playbits, TACO robobricks and the PHIRO code. These tools enable an interactive learning process for educational and leisure activities.


BuildIT is a kit comprising a raspberry pi computer, breadboard and platform and a set of leads, and electrical items including a motor and LED lights. It comes complete with a  booklet which will take you through a variety of project activities enabling you to interact through the screen to the real world.


Globisens: LabDisc

Revolutionizing science education with a compact multi-disciplinary laboratory. A single Labdisc replaces more than 20 traditional pieces of science equipment and can turn any school classroom into a hands-on science laboratory. A hand-held wireless laboratory for early and accessible inquiry-based science it has built-in automatically tested and calibrated sensors make experiments quick and easy to perform. Intuitive large buttons and graphical LCD make using the technology less intimidating and build the foundations for long term science success.


For over 10 years, the 2Simple team has been dedicated to developing software programs for primary school children. The main focus has always been to support teaching and learning whilst inspiring creativity across the curriculum. There are now over 35 programs in the 2Simple range from literacy and numeracy, art and assessment, game design, languages and so much more.

Valiant Technologies

Valiant Technology started in 1985 with the launch of the robot Turtle. Originally founded through an Anglo American alliance between CEO Dave Catlin and the late Professor Tom Stonier, a New Yorker working in the UK. The company aimed at combining good education practice and design to create great educational products. They have pursued this ideal ever since, as testified by their long string of innovative and educational awards. They have now revamped the floor turtle into the new Roamer Too which has multiple program discs and access to the scratch environment so that young people can develop their programming skills across a variety of activities



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