M A N D A R I N   ST U D Y   EX P E R I E N C E   I N   W U H A N

Learn to speak Mandarin in  China. Join a student trip to Wuhan for a two week trip leaving

Newcastle  October 2016.

Wuhan Map

Wuhan is situated in central China and is the capital of the Hubei province. It has a 3,500 year


We have designed an exciting programme of Chinese language and cultural lessons,

an introduction to martial arts and sightseeing in the city and the countryside.

Accommodation will be in a hotel in Wuhan city for one week and in a countryside hostel for one week. All meals, internal transport, sightseeing and tutor fees are included in the price.

We plan to fly from Newcastle via Paris.

There are two rivers; the Yangtze and the Han and along with trains and two large airports, Wuhan is a connection hub to North and South China. The city, is home to over 10 million people and  is divided into three towns; Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. The climate is subtropical.

The trip will be led by Mrs. Sheila Walker and Mr. Mike Carter from the Newcastle International Culture and Education Company and Tyn Can Learning. Mr. Carter and Mrs. Walker have experience in the statutory and business education sector. Mr. Carter is a qualified

teacher and is a part time University lecturer. Mrs. Walker has a lifetime experience of working with young people in the further education sector, and a first hand knowledge and experience of China during the past 4 years. The fully inclusive programme will be led in China by Miss Lily Ku, head of a private school in Wuhan.

Places are limited. Age range 13 – 18 years old

Cultural activities to include


Yellow Crane Tower, regarded as one of the Four Great Towers of China; stands on the banks of the Yangtze River at the top of Snake Hill.


Hubei Provincial Museum is one of China’s best museums. The most famous treasure of Hubei Provincial Museum is probably the Chime Bells which are 2,468 yearsold.

Buddist Temple

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is famous as the first Chan (Zen) temple to be built in Hubei. It was constructed in 1658. There are 500 arhat (Buddhist disciples) statues inside. They are said to have taken nine years to carve, and each is unique.

Daily Schedule

Learning to speak Mandarin [daily lessons]


Paper cutting


Introduction to martial arts

Essential requirements

A ten year UK passport will be required with at least 6 months left until the expiry date.

Visas will be required. We can process visa applications.

Students must have their own travel insurance.

Follow up language activities:

We are able to provide online Mandarin language support, through our teachers in China, after

the trip as an extra purchased service.

For further details please email

Tel: +44(0)1914787976

Places are limited. Age range 13 – 18 years old

Price Contact us

November 2014 Trip to China November 1st – 24th

We are touring China this time on a three week journey meeting  people we have previously met and talking about new projects. We have meeting with people that we have not yet met but we hope will be are partners in the future. We will travel the length of  the country and include our dear friends in Wuhan and also our friends in Shanghai. We will also travel to  Guangzhou and  Guangdong. We are hopeful that we will make new friends and help in collaborating with colleagues in China to promote understanding and educational opportunities for both people in China and the UK

November 2013 Trip to China

Xi Hu LouWixHere is the first picture from Director Mrs Sheila Walker sat in Xi Hu Lou the biggest restaurant in the world  in Changsha, Hunan Province.


It is all steam ahead with the planning of our third visit to China in late October. The first stop is Zhanjiang in South China where a visit to schools and villages will feature and provide a backdrop for possible business opportunities. The next destination is Changsha which will incorporate an official welcome, a tour of the city and meeting people who want to find out more about our products and services. A return to Wuhan is scheduled to meet businesses and education officials to further develop ideas of collaboration and finally to Shanghai to meet a group from the Xie Jin College of the Shanghai Normal University, who were welcomed by us to Newcastle upon Tyne this summer and other contacts established on previous occasions.

We are planning a trip for school students, in June/July of this year, to travel to Xi’an and learn Mandarin. During the 4 week visit, students will study the language, experience a Chinese life style and enjoy a fascinating cultural and learning experience.

In August we will host School students from China. They will learn how to communicate in English and about the British way of life.

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