Early Years return in China

9:00 am arrived on Monday 11th May and the Early Years children began filtering through the NBIS gate. At the gate they had their health code checked, handed in their health declaration form, said goodbye to their parents, and were meet by Early Years teachers who then guided them to their classrooms. Other Early Years children caught their school bus in the morning. They had their temperature taken and green health code checked by their bus teacher. This has now become part of their new daily routine. While some things have changed others have stayed the same.


Ningbo International School click to see how the return was managed. NBIS

Review of Taco Playbits

Taco Playbits is an interactive Screen Free STEM device for children ages 3 +.

Simply tap on the coding Chips with the Smart Wand to begin your child’s journey of self-learning.

Learn the Alphabet, Music, Maths, Coding, Memory & Logic games & much more.

Infinite play opportunities | Challenging games.

Taco line of educational resources enables learning 21st-century skills through hands-on tactile play and to have natural interactions between the player & the Coding toy.

Colour Mix

Colour Mix:

Taco Playbits allows children to learn colours and also learn to mix colours providing audio and visual context for learning. The Taco Wand provides instant feedback for the child to embed their knowledge.



Language Development:

Children can listen to the alphabet and can identify a letter by using the Wand to tap onto pictures with the letter and the name.

This application can also be used for children with English as a second language and also for children to here regional accents. The Wand can be programmed to use any language so that a class learning Spanish can hear the sounds in Spanish.


Taco Playbits and Coding:


Taco Playbits can be used to develop Computational Thinking (CT). Challenging children to work out how to solve logical problems. There are several layers of difficulty for the children to work their way through. The Wand provides vital feedback to enable the child to solve the problem.



Braille Compatible:

Taco Playbits are also produced in Braille for those with partial or none sighted children. This allows the children to participate in learning through touching the chips which are embossed with braille characters.






Taco Playbits is a very useful resource for the classroom allowing children to explore independently and get visual and audio feedback to enhance their learning.

Robitixedu has received many accolades for their work in designing digital technology for the education market. They were an Awards Finalist at BETT UK 2019 in the first year.

Playbits in an exceptional device which can offer visual and audio support for independent learning but also can allow the child to experiment and explore language, numeracy and the world around them through colour and also begin to enhance Computational Thinking at a very young age.

For more information about Taco Playbits click here


Our new Learning Centre in Shenzhen

We have been working very hard over the past three years to establish a place where Chinese children can learn to become independent thinkers and to be creative when they are very young. We have combined with one of our Chinese partners to open a learning centre in Shenzhen. The company is Our Children’s World and it is based in the North East of England.Shenzhen1

The children feel quite at home in our new learning centre.


We are giving our new parents an induction into the way that we help young children to learn through exploring the world around them and playing in a meaningful way. Notice the shoe coverings, anyone from outside must wear the protective cover to lessen the chance of infections in the centre. That is the way our partner shows attention to detail so that the environment is very clean. This is something that is very important to Chinese parents. Let’s hope we can encourage the children to make mud pies in the outdoor area?

We are actively looking for an early years practitioner to come and work with us to deliver our kind of learning to the Chinese children. We offer Visa payment contribution towards accommodation, competitive salary and return flights. The centre provides a free lunch and use of a work mobile phone If you are interested then please get in contact with Mike: