ICT for Education Conference Newcastle 20th September 2019

We are very happy to be exhibiting at the ICT for Education conference in Newcastle. We have put together a great line up of things that will stimulate learning in the classroom. The emphasis is about getting technology into the hands of young people.

We have Coding:



Mathematics using Scratch

Mr Bit launch_L

Mr Bit

MIT agreed to include vector graphics into Scratch allowing the language to incorporate visual mathematical learning




Mr Bit is the ideal companion to the BBC micro:bit allowing code to be created using English sentences in a logical approach.


We have Robotics:


OTTO is a new robot. The philosophy behind the project is to build a worldwide community of practice. You can use all the resources of OttoDIY for free but the Otto DIY website must be included in any redistribution and remixes to abide by the CC-BY-SA license.

We sell kits with and without the body. We are looking to provide a range of body alternatives. This is a very exciting concept for us.

We have Science:

The Labdisc is one of the most sophisticated data loggers available. There are specific data loggers for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also have a General Science and Environmental Labdisc. All have specific inbuilt sensors and they all have the facility to accommodate extra external sensors. They are all portable with GPS.


Labdisc Mini

The Mini device is used in conjunction with tablets. There are fewer sensors but it has GPS so is a very versatile device.

If you are planning to come to the ICT for Education Conference we would welcome the opportunity to show you our products and talk about how we can help support your curriculum.

If you would like more information then please email info@tyncan.com or visit our website www.tyncan.com




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































can be used as a stand-alone device in the filed

The Labdisc mini operates in conjunction with a tablet but has inbuilt sensors and GPS


Labdisc Mini





If you are attending the conference please come and talk to us about your curriculum needs. We will be on Stand 38.







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