Computer Science Education Week

Using the BuildIT Kit to make a lighthouse

The BuildIT Kit can be used for a lot of creative ideas. We began by thinking about the sea and this led to the idea of a Lighthouse. Here is what we used to create the lighthouse.


We connected the BuildIT Kit and then cut some wire to length so that the Crisp tin could stand up. We connected the wires and then put a hole in the bottom of the tin and threaded the LED and the wires through. We then cut a hole in the crisp tin  cap and placed the wash softener cap through it.




Once this was done we fixed the LED in place with sellotape.



We then placed a sheet of A4 paper around the tin and trimmed it to fit.








lighthouse2 Next we quickly drew on windows and a door. I am sure you can do a better job. Tip: mark where the windows and door will go then draw them on while the paper is flat then stick the paper around the tin.

We then programmed the computer to turn on the LED for 1 second and then turn off for 2 seconds.






Finally we took the image and placed it into a landscape picture.








This activity can be extended to cover many other subjects.


Writing about the life of a lighthouse keeper


Finding out the different heights ans circumferences of lighthouses.

Knowing the height work out how many stairs would get you to the top.

D&T :

Design and create your own lighthouse using spare components.


Write a program to make the light flash.


There is a book called the “Light keepers Lunch” which could be used as a starting point and there are many curriculum ideas to be found here

Share  your work with us as you make and program a lighthouse and show what you have written and found out.

This could be a project for the the Hour of Code and Computer Science week, enjoy.


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