Computing Futurama

I was given a book for my birthday, among other things, and the title really interested me. ” The Rise of the Robots – Technology and the threat of mass unemployment” Martin Ford.

Martin has over 25 years design ans software development experience @MFordFuture

Anyway I was reading the book with my mobile in hand and as I was reading I was accessing the various references made to future technology like the videos of automated arms sorting boxes in a SMART way. I was interested by his evolutionary description of computing power and how Moore’s Law  is interpreted. Interestingly the developments in AI seem to be blowing up the theory re Google I/O 

However I did think it was interesting that IBM seem to be the major researchers in this area especially around cognitive chips SyNAPSE.

The interesting thing though which is why I wanted to share this with other teachers is that IBM have a great video about the CPU which is very informative. In fact I thought this could be a great video for Key Stage 2 children to use to be able to take notes in a factual setting. It is 20 mins long so maybe sections can be used.

I have found reading Martin’s book really thought provoking and has given me great ideas for future activities for the classroom.



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