Chinese evening of Culture and Art

Tuesday 29th September 2015 in Newcastle upon Tyne. With Labour officials travelling to China to engage in talks to try and bring investment into the country  The Chinese Government pledging to support the UK Government with investment in the nuclear power industry. The China economy causing febrile flutters through the world markets and many people in China imprisoned because of their beliefs. What would an evening of Chinese music dance and art look like?
Well the audience of Far Eastern and Western descendents were given an evening of cultural colour and expressionism that was hard to envisage before hand. The costumes worn by the dancers steeped in Chinese history telling a story of their own without voice. The intricate expressive body movements taking their framework from historical king fu. The haunting melodies played on what to western eyes are strange instruments exuding a cacophony of sounds which envelope your senses and have you either running with galloping horses played on the Chinese violin the erhu and the raptourous Deep Night ( Ye Shen Chen) played with erhu, guzheng pipa and drums reflecting the Pekingese culture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The audience was appreciative of the passion displayed by all involved and on reflection Tyneside is a better place to have brought this event to the region hosted and organised by Newcastle University Confucius centre with the cultural experience and entertainmental provided by the Shanghai Theatre Academy.



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