Go Digital support for SMEs

Having recently moved into new offices we have been looking to maximise communications by considering The Cloud. We already use Google Docs and related apps to integrate company communications storage and sharing resources. The offices come with broadband access which is fine and a bonus but the office needs a landline phone connection and here is where the problem begins. A landline means connection charge then a monthly payment with the assorted add ons and various buying alternative including voice mail etc. But if the company grows quickly then the process begins again pay for a connection transfer the number money for telecoms companies.
We discussed how we can utilise The Cloud and realised that BT have a product which an solve the problems if being tied to a landline and is able to use the mobiles of company employees. Well this was music to our ears just what we wanted.  BT Cloud phone.
We were excited. We had broadband, We could get a BT Cloud phone. We could use our mobiles wherever we were and we could take control of the telecoms in the office.


This was what we wanted and if we change office then just take the phones with us. I read the advertising words and was becoming more enthusiastic by the second. A dialogue box opened and and an invitation to chat and ask questions was provided and yes I wanted to know more. However the person or automaton on the other end was unable to answer specific questions. So intrigued was I that I made a call to get expert advice.
Hello! I am in tested in the cloud phone. I have broadband what do I need?
You need a cloud phone.
Great if there are two in the office will I need two?
Yes you will.
Oh! OK! So I want to utilise mobiles.
Yes that is possible with the system and you can have management tools to monitor usage.
So I have two offices with broadband so I can have phones in each and then use mobiles away from the office. Yes that is the great thing about the system.
You said the broadband was supplied into the centre?
Is it supplied from BT?
Oh! I am not sure?
Well the system uses BT broadband only son you will have to buy broadband for both offices.
Whoa! hang on a minute. I have to buy Broadband?
Hmm! OK! I am a BT customer with Phone and infinity with broadband. Can I buy a cloud phone to use on the home system and then use mobiles.
Eh! No! You will need to buy business braodband.
What at home.
Them can I use the system?
Yes but only one person.
So how do I enjoy the freedom of cloud telephony.
Well you buy BT Business Broadband in the office and a cloud phone.
How is this freedom?
Well that is the system.
……….. My finger presses the end call button as I say not a freedom sort of system then.
I then thought about Go Digital and began to fill in the application form but I lost the will to live.
Government helps SMEs to embrace digital communications. Well no they don’t they make it so hard to fill in an application form  and find out any sensible information that SMEs decide to just forget it. And the civil servants beat themselves up over why the take up figures are so low. Maybe if that listened to SMEs they may be able to find out why. What do I want from a digital system for online communication.
1. Funding for set up charges
2. Agreed time where the revenue costs are covered (by the funding)
3 The ability to talk to someone about alternative ways of handling online communications within a company.
Guess we just have too high aspirations for 21 century businesses.
Looks like a phone line installed in an office to make and take calls from customers is the new telecoms revolution. 



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