Retail online experience EE and iZettle

Below is the email I sent to EE
“I would like to purchase a reader I have read about them compared the different types and decided on the izettLe. I went into my not so local EE shop to look at the reader and gain a final verdict before buying one. The person in the shop said they don’t stock them, they used to do but maybe they might get some in some time….. I showed her the EE website and she just said ” yer we may get them in.” There was no, “I’ll see if I can find out more information” or “let me have your number or email and I will send you the information” or “here is a number you can ring who may be able to help”. So on my return home I decided to buy one online but I just had a couple of queries so I rang the number but the office is only open Mon – Fri today is Saturday. I know people need a break from work but as I run a business I am available to my customers should they need help. Not very customer service.
I would like to know if you indeed do sell the card readers and where I can possibly see them to assess their use. Being as this is Saturday I suspect I will receive a call next week. Here’s hoping I don’t find an alternative reader.”
I then rang iZettle and guess what they only work 8.00 -15.00 with an hour where they are uncontactable as they have their lunch.
It seems that the izettle will not be being used by us at the forthcoming MakerFaire in Newcastle.  


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