Lithuanian Teachers leave The North East


Friday and the last day in Newcastle for our visitors from Vilnius in Lithuania. They had a great morning visiting Sacred Heart High School for Girls where they observed an English Literature class where the girls were discussing Robert Browning poems in particular the Pied Piper of Hamlin. This discusion was over shadowed 🙂 by the solar eclipse where the class went outside to experience.


We were shown into the library where a year 8 class was changing books and we were told about the star system of choosing books and shown a montage of students who were million word readers.
From here we went to Excelsior Academy and the teachers were given a tour of the school and were able to sit in on classes for EAL and SEN. We were treated to a superb lunch in the Sixth Form refectory


before driving back into town to the Central Station to get the train to Doncaster where the teachers will fly out tomorrow morning Saturday to return to Vilnius.
The visit has been a success and both North East teachers and Lithuanian teachers have benefitted from meeting and sharing experiences.

FACT: Basketball is the Lithuanian number one sport.



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