The New Academic Year

Here is hoping colleagues have had a lovely relaxing time over the Summer break and that you have recharged your batteries ready for the new school year. Children have grown up over the holidays. They have had new experiences which have changed their lives. They have learned new things, consolidated what they already know. Forgotten many things they already did know. They are apprehensive about moving classes or schools. They want the holidays to last forever but at the same time they secretly long for the order and regiment of the school day. They want to meet their old friends, meet new friends. Tell about their adventures over the past six weeks. Impress their new teacher, change their ways, carry on their old ways.
We want to revitalise their thirst for knowledge. Tap into their inquiring minds, bring out their creativity and ensure they are safe in their learning environment.
We teachers are equally apprehensive. We have new children a new curriculum and new surroundings. New Secretary of State, maybe new management ( or same old management). We will start the year full of vim and vigour we are enthusiastic and full of ideas (especially the new additions to the profession- welcome). Lets sustain this passion and make sure we are there for our pupils. Ensure we make the time to explain things, find the time for our pupils to explore and question things and above all be there to help them when they need it, even if they dont’t yet realise they need our help. We need to make their lives happy.
Welcome to the new academic year 🙂


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