The way data is used in Social Media

Jennifer Golbeck

If you remember that first decade of the web, it was really a static place. You could go online, you could look at pages, and they were put up either by organizations who had teams to do it or by individuals who were really tech-savvy for the time. And with the rise of social media and social networks in the early 2000s, the web was completely changed to a place where now the vast majority of content we interact with is put up by average users, either in YouTube videos or blog posts or product reviews or social media postings. And it’s also become a much more interactive place, where people are interacting with others, they’re commenting, they’re sharing, they’re not just reading. This Fascinating TED talk looks at the way computer scientists are able to extract data sets and write programs which are able to extract information from seemingly innocuous data.

The Curly Fry Conundrum


One thought on “The way data is used in Social Media

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