The Joys of configuring a new phone

Orange as of 17th January 2013 do not do Samsung Galaxy 3s mini. Carphone Warehouse offer the phone with a 7″Galaxy tablet for £26 So I took the plunge. The guys at the shop in the MetroCentre were great very helpful and friendly. Got two phones and two tablets and went home happy. Today I had no phone access and neither did my youngest daughter who lives in Yorkshire. Tried twice to contact Carphone no joy each time told to ring back later. Eventually got through tech person said  a local mast was down but couldn’t provide explanation why the same should happen in Yorkshire said he would take advice and ring back in an hour. Two hours later I rang again talked to Alastair who never gave up and eventually works out that Carphone Warehouse had not registered the sim cards.

Half an hour later we both have connection. I am tired of companies slagging each other off and solve customer
needs. Maybe a lesson to be learned by those who provide support to schools. They are the experts in their technology field but are not teachers and so not know nexessarily about pedagogy and most do not understand teaching and learning requests for instance asking a teacher why they would want to have headphones with a microphone! Teachers need technicians to keep the hardware working they are not there ro interfere with how a teacher enables learning through technology. They would do well to remember that!
Now where is the Galaxy 7″ tablet…..


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