Safer Internet Day

Not for a day but for life

The whole world is seems will be taking part in this event on the 5th February 2013. Which is great as it raises awareness of the possible dangers for young people when using the internet and sharing information and personal details especially through social networking sites, personal blogs and online gaming.

However I have to worry that for some young people this day will be remembered because they will be doing something different and they will be possibly “off timetable” and having fun. The worry is that at the end of the day the message about keeping oneself safe is then forgotten and they are back to the same lessons as always and they then do not apply the rules they have been espousing through the day and they put themselves in situations online which they are unable to control control. Young people sometimes are able to give all the right answers and behave in the “expected” way as is true with having special days to highlight,in this case potential dangers on line. It seems then that after the event the young people revert to type and ignore all the good practice they have been taught or indeed said they do when online. In the UK the ICT curriculum has been suspended and there is a review into a new curriculum to begin in 2014. Thankfully there are moves to have e-Safety and Safeguarding issues underpinning the work which will be done so that rather than focusing on one particular day, the message will be embedded into the curriculum. Hopefully this will create a generation of young people who are fully aware of the potential issues surrounding online engagement but who are also aware of what strategies to use to stay in control of the situation and report inappropriate behaviour to the authorities.

For more information about this global event Click Here

If you would like to get involved in gaining “Digital Badges” then Click Here

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