Educational Visit to Vilnius in Lithuania

The Baltic states with Lithuania in the centre

We are really excited about taking a trip to Lithuania. I will be flying out on Tuesday November the 20th and returning on Saturday November the 24th.  Lithuania is an emerging country after gaining independence from Russia. There are about 3m people living in the country and they have an education system which mirrors the UK in some respects with possibly more emphasis on the vocational route to learning.

I will be staying in Vilnius which seems to be truly a city of old and new. On one side of the river the Old town (where I will be staying)and on the other side the New shiny sky scrapper modern metropolis.

I am attending an educational conference where I hope to be able to interest people in looking at the software we use in the UK in particular 2Simple, Conquer Maths and J2E. I will also be talking to Language schools to try and interest them in giving their students an English cultural and social experience in the North East of England which will include courses in body language, presentation skills and learning about what it is to be English in the UK.

 I will hopefully get some time to visit the Old Town area and marvel at the wonderful architecture and admire their rich cultural heritage as well as visiting the wonderful castles and historical buildings of Lithuania.



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