Education thoughts

It has been an interesting week. The start of which was taken up with a Respect day in a North East school providing opportunities for Year 7 to explore e-safety through drama, music jingles, understanding personal information and also a session from EE on mobile technology and how to stay safe. The feedback was very positive and I was impressed how much the students knew but also how much they  learned on the day. This is good news as e-safety is firmly in OfSTED sights in inspections

Slowly but surely ICT in education is becoming more mainstream, the consultation regarding the new curriculum is well underway with a few big players wading in with their own agendas regarding “computing skills”. I am sure we will get a broad and balanced offering, budgets allowing, but still it is worth contributing to the debate especially through NAACE.

My local MP Chi Onawara is highlighting the fact that it seems the government are cutting access to Science resources and she highlights an article from the Guardian newspaper.Here

Mozilla have a white paper out regarding web literacies which makes useful reading here

Terry Freedman has an interesting article about the use of technology in class and asks are we simply using the technology to do the things we always do or are we finding new ways to use technology  to learn? Here

There are only 10 days left before I travel to Lithuania I am attending an Education conference in Vilnius where I am hoping to speak to Language schools and teachers regarding travelling to the UK for an English experience and also to look at playing a part in developing the use of ICT in schools.

Plans are also on target of a trip to China to talk to language schools in Shanghai about working with us to give Chinese people an English experience here on Tyneside.

And finally there is a report out which says that our young people now watch too much sport Click


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