Global Water Project

We are involved with schools in Canada, USA, India, Cameroon, Russia and Romania doing a project about water looking at how water is used and how lean it is and what ways people in the different countries access their water supply. We recently had a post from a student in India with a poem which I think gives an incite into what is for humans our most precious resource.

Water is precious

Water washes over my hand
Water slips away like sand

Water trickles down a river
Water slides just like a slither

Water is patient and knows when to wait
Water doesn’t mind if it shows up late

Water falls from the sky in tears
Water wipes away wasted years

Water can die and live again
Water can squash and pry and bend

Water has been here in the beginning,
and water will be here until the end

Water is reliable
Water is a humans friend

What a truly wonderful expression.


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