Education in Syria

Children in Syria learn the hard way

I read a post on LinkedIn today about a teacher in Syria who felt that she was alone and that there was no one “out there” for her. This made me very sad and filled my head with images of devastation and hopelessness. We in the UK often moan about our pupils/students and the hardships we endure in the teaching day. Really, compared to this young teacher trying to deliver learning in a war zone our woes and problems fade into insignificance.  I replied to the message to say that she was not alone and that there are many people who are sickened by the way governments around the world stand by and do nothing while our fellow human beings ( teachers included) are being slaughtered. I feel an absolute sense of powerlessness and I feel really upset that the British government stands by and does nothing, NATO does nothing, the EU does nothing, we all do nothing. I just want to let the young teacher in Syria know that there are people who do care about her and her plight and that there are people who do care about what happens to her pupils it is just that the spineless governments that bind us do nothing!


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