Welcome to the start of the year 2012 – 2013

EDUCATION  has been in the news over the summer especially with regards to examinations. The GCSE debacle will no doubt rumble on for some time, Mr Gove will no doubt get his way in all things to do with schools including making sure that the GCSE syllabus is changed to favour his philosophy.

Technology in schools will reinvent itself again and will be more about the use of rather than the using of devices. Teachers will still struggle with the technology and will be given ample excuses not to use the technology because the server is down or the internet is too slow. Those teachers who embrace technology will do so again this year those who don’t, won’t and we will have a new initiative to try and get teachers to use the technology. Games based learning will be more and more prominent as will the concept of Bringing Your Own Technology or Device (BYOT BYOD). Teachers will be tired by October and ready for half term and young people will carry on accessing social networking sites as they have done to try and make sense of their worlds. All in all it is great to be back.


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