The Global Water Project

Tyncan Learning is involved in a project with teachers and students across the globe. The countries involved are Canada , USA, Romania,Russia, India, Cameroon.The idea behind the project is to gain appreciation of the vital role water plays globally.We in the west have very little issues with water supply and can sometimes take the provision of running water for granted leading to wasting this precious commodity. In the East however there are problems of supply and as such the people in those countries have learned to invent ways to save water and use it sparingly.Here is an extract from an interview carried out recently involving students at a school in India

Water is precious last week we had a discussion and interaction with the students of grade III on the topic – WHATS MAKING OUR WATER DIRTY? They were sitting in groups ,after interaction they were asked to jot down the points in their PBL diaries.


Their points were-

1. factories throwing chemicals in the rivers

2.home garbage being thrown by people

3. utensils being washed by hard chemicals

4.human and animal waste being thrown by us

Students enjoyed the interaction and learnt many new things with in the group. They have now become aware of how to use water miserly because they are facing the problems in their home.

This is just one of the discussions taking place in schools across the globe regarding the vital role water has in our our societies.

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