New OfSTED criteria for grading

Sir Michael Wilshaw is insistent that schools will be not just “satisfactory” they will be “good” or if not they will have “requires improvement” grading and be given four years to attain “good” if not they will be put into the “special measures” category.

This is a stressful time for schools even though he suggests that teachers “crying” stress is merely a smokescreen for poor performance.

In September there are a number of things happening in schools most significant is the “dis-application of ICT”. Many school are still unsure about what this means and there is a lot of misunderstanding about what will happen. One thing is sure though,by 2014 there will be a new Programme of Study for ICT and things may not be the same again. For those teachers who who did not understand the importance of ICT and manipulated the curriculum to avoid it there may well be rejoicing but for those teachers who genuinely did understand the role and place of ICT there may be worrying times ahead.

Mr Gove talks about putting life into the curriculum and making sure that 11 year olds are able to create “simple 2D animations”. That is all well and good but what about the majority of 9 year old pupils who are already creating 3D animated films without teacher assistance. I think Mr Gove needs to really understand the state of ICT teaching in the UK to be able to make changes which will improve the delivery of ICT in schools.

This year will be really interesting and I am so glad that Tyncan will be part of the support for schools as they struggle to remain “good” and strive to become “outstanding”.

We wish all teachers a well deserved rest over the holidays and hope they all come back reinvigorated to face the year ahead.

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