Mr Gove and the Daily Mail press release (leak)

Since when have we made statutory changes to the laws of the land after reading an article based on a conversation by a secretary of state and a newspaper.  In my opinion this whole farce has been orchestrated to try and gauge the views of people regarding changes to the exam system. In my view this affords Mr Gove an excellent barometer of public opinion about the proposed changes to be able to back track or take forward the ideas depending on the comments received. I would say that this is a master stroke for getting feedback on a potential policy change without making the things public. They have learned that to say they are having a consultation regarding changes is more trouble than it is worth( Health Bill) but to “leak”  an idea and then sit back and gauge reaction is an excellent tools to use,there can be no u turns because nothing is  proposed, there need no retractions because nothing has happened but they do get an excellent feedback on the particular idea they have in mind.

Mr Gove is, one has to agree, an intelligent person and although he may pine for the good old days of an education system that sorted out young people at aged 11, he must have realised that this country needs people who are able to exist in a digital world where access to knowledge is in some cases more important than acquisition of knowledge. My daughter asks me how many people are there in the Cameroon? I am not really sure that she expects me to know the answer from memory but in order to find out I use my mobile and check using population sites on the internet. This leads to a discussion on which country is the smallest in the world? Well? No you are wrong if you thought it was anything else other than the Vatican City, population 770 as of November 2010 It then leads to a whole fascinating discussion about infant mortality and which countries are the largest, I do ask her to look up Gapminder and look at populations over the years. I wonder, would I have had such a wonderful learning experience myself if the question had been: What date did William the Conqueror become King of England?

Just a thought!

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