Water Water everywhere and not a …………

How many of us every really think about the importance of water in the world today. With Summer almost upon us we tend to assume we will always have instant clean water. We are working with the Global Water Project with teachers and students from Canada, USA, Romania, Cameroon and India  working together to help each other. We are facilitating the project allowing schools across the world to work together to find solutions to the problem of clean water. Students in hot dry countries are sharing their knowledge with students in the developed world and are helping to find solutions to the problem of access to water especially in rural areas in some countries. The technology being used was developed by Virtual-Centre.com which is a spin out company from Durham University Business School.

We are using the technology to allow groups of students to exchange ideas and share experiences using text, audio and video. The project would be impossible to do without the aid of the technology. Working in many different time zones means that questions are asked when you are asleep and answered when those in the other countries are sleeping. It is wonderful to experience collaborative learning on a global scale.

It is hoped that the project will be able to encourage companies who are involved in the water industry to help by providing water analysing kits which the students will use to record data regarding the state of the water supplies in their countries. So the next time you turn on the tap to get a drink of water imagine what you would think if nothing came out or the water was discoloured. If you had no confidence in the cleanliness of the water or if it was safe to drink, how would you cope. Many countries around the world live with those feelings everyday.


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