Teach Meet North East 22/03/2012

The Town Wall “Cinema room” was certainly a different sort of venue. Down in the bowels of the pub but with a quaint snuggly feeling. The session was well run and the audience really didn’t mind the minor hiccups from the technology I could only stay for the first half as I had another meeting to go to but the presenters were well prepared and certainly inspired others with their uses of technology in the classroom. As one person said ” the best thing Mr. Gove did was to give us free reign to enhance and embed technology. The session was sponsored by Vital and Steve did a wonderful selling job for the  Northern Learning Festival

It was good to hear that teachers were embracing the idea of project based learning and really extending the way students learn and contribute.I particularly liked the way a projector was aimed at the floor to create wide learning space which students could gather around and learn particularly using Google Earth to project the image and allow students to walk the walk.

I wish I had been able to stay until the end but I will certainly look forward to the next NorthEast TM

Well done everyone who organised the event!



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