One to One or Small group teaching which is the best?

I was talking to a colleague yesterday and we started toargue about the best way forward to teach someone.He argued that it was definitely one to one as the student was focused and there were no distractions and they had the attention of the teacher 100% of the time. I on the other hand argued that we don’t learn in isolation and that we need to bounce ideas of each other and discuss concepts and argue and debate. He countered by saying that those things were distractions in the way of learning. Now I wondered not for the first time, what is learning? I don’t have a definitive answer who does really but it made me think that there are many parents paying for tutors for their children in the hope that this is the best way for them to learn. I believe that small groups provide a better learning environment then a one to one but I would like to find out what others think.
Please take part in the poll below.


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