Chris Mullins in Conversation with Alastair Campbell

Excellent morning at the Newcastle Business School listening to Chris Mullins “interview” Alastair Campbell in conversation. The dialogue was witty and relaxed. Both men having produced diaries of their time in government recalling episodes from the past and giving an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.Like the fact that in the 1997 landslide New Labour victory, Blair did not believe they had won Hove, they didn’t know the names of some of the candidates that had gained seats around the country. In answer to a question about the teaching of politics he proposed that it should be taught in primary schools and that MP’s should be even more accessible conceding that many did work hard in their constituencies. He said he would like to see the voting age reduced to 16 saying that there are many older voters don’t have clue about voting. He would also like to see compulsory voting and penalties for not voting, interesting. He managed to mention Burnley Football Club twice and drew a football analogy to politics. Sir Alex Ferguson once asked why he didn’t just sack MP’s who were not towing the party line, as he would do with staff. Alastair pointed out that when Sir Alex sacked them they went off to some where else. If an MP was sacked,they would still be on the football pitch!
Enjoyable morning, thank you to Newcastle University Business School for hosting and sending out invites.


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