Datalogging with the Micro:bit

If you are a Key Stage 2 teacher and in particular a Year 4 teacher then you will want to hear about Datalogging. The NCCE have a superb resource to help you at TeachComputing

We are excited to be able to offer this data logging software to schools at an incredible price for a school licence which is a one-off payment. £3.30 per pupil in a one form entry school for a class of 30 children in Year 4. This software is also appropriate for all Key Stage 2

The newest member of the iLOG family makes the famous features of the Insight iLOG brand available to the BBC micro:bit, turning it into a powerful data-logger. It comes with lots of experiments and useful information for collecting data.

iLOG collects data from the micro:bit via USB. There are several collection modes providing real-time logging (as it happens), remote logging (download data from the micro:bit’s memory), snapshot logging, oscilloscope and timing measurements.

Fully function demo version: for more information

Site Licence £99.00 +VAT

Driverless Car Challenge Review

Dear Colleagues,

We hope you are looking forward to the Summer term.

We are excited to announce the launch of our remote e-learning platform AI World School and our AI Summer Camp for students to explore and learn the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The project-based curriculum provides for hands-on AI learning experiences and is built by our team of experienced AI experts with guidance from our global Governing Board.

The courses are designed around the “5 Big Ideas” as proposed by the AI4K12 task force.

The AIWS course is being offered globally. Young people aged 7-18 can bring their AI projects to life with easy-to-use age appropriate coding tools such as:

a.     S4AIWS Scratch AI extension,

b.     Sn4AIWS Snap! AI extension,

c.      Phiro Code mobile app,

d.     MIT App Inventor,

e.     Python and JavaScript.

Here are 2 course reviews by US based ISTE educator.

Please let us know your thoughts, if you would like to give us some feedback or you want to sign up to our AI Summer camp 2021.

Thanks and Regards,

Team AI World School

Write back to us at

Story Based STEM venture

Imagine you and pupils are in a storm and are transported to a deserted island in an archipelago. The only escape from the island is to build a bridge. Your pupils need to work together to find materials and find out the best way to get from one island to the other. On your travels to the other islands looking to find a way out you meet people who have the skills and knowledge to help you construct your bridges. The young people work together to Inquire, Imagine, Invent, Iterate and Improve the bridges. You finally enter the world of Norse mythology to construct the final bridge which will save the world.

Photo by Symeon Ekizoglou on

Our bridges STEM venture allows pupils to become engaged and immersed in the story, the subject areas include mathematics, design, construction and collaboration. Following our story will bring learning to life and allow pupils to test out their ideas and improve their creations. The pathways through the story are endless allowing teachers to incorporate research activities about local, regional and international bridges

Our STEM adventure is available now contact:

(1) British Science Week – Data Logging

Monday 8th March. An introduction to the Labdisc:

The software can be freely downloaded for any device


Globilab MSI installation 3.1.11b for PC (WIN 7,8,10 64b)

GlobiCollab MSI Installation 1.0.3a for PC (WIN 8,10 64b)

GlobiLab-setup-2.4.25b for PC (Win 7, 8, 10)

GlobiLab Version 3.1.9 for Mac (Mac 10.7 – 10.14)

GlobiLab for Android (Android 4.5 and up)

GlobiLab for iOS (iOS 8 and up)

GlobiLab for Linux – Fedora (Fedora 14)

GlobiLab for Linux – Ubuntu (Ubuntu 18.04 64b)

GlobiLab for Linux – Ubuntu (Ubuntu 10.04)

GlobiLab for Chromebook

Search for Globilab on the Apple Appstore or on Android Google Play

The software will allow you to see data that has been captured and to analyse the data using the tools available.

For more information contact us:

Online Learning Devices

Since we were informed that there was a shortage of devices for pupils to use from home for online learning we have been trying to source devices that are cost effect, reliable and usable. We have worked with our supplier to source three devices which will help pupils learn from home.

9″ Android Tablet
9″ Android Tablet
This is “The Classroom Tablet” – selected for its low cost and classroom relevant specification, features and price. Exceptional value with capacitive touch screen and fully supported and a full range of accessories. Choice of a single-core or dual-core processor.
These Android Tablets are ably suited for classroom use and enable you to equip three to four classrooms for the cost of one classroom of iPads
An Android tablet offers most of the advantages of PCs common in many classrooms especially when used with a keyboard and mouse but they also add new capabilities:
The touchscreen allows users to “draw” using a finger or stylus. It is possible to draw with a mouse but drawing with a stylus is much easier for most people. A Tablet can be used in landscape or portrait modes. Very convenient for material that may have been originated in portrait format like most books. Tablet is ultra-light with long battery life. They are very portable and especially good for fieldwork away from the classroom. Versions of most popular applications are available for tablets, without the need for lengthy training sessions.
Built-in Digital cameras produce a powerful data collection and annotation tool for subjects like architecture, art or biology and science. The microphone can capture audio data.
The combination of an Android tablet with control apps (software) to prevent pupils from abusing their use provides not only a great opportunity to reduce the cost of supplying printed books but also to provide a very adaptable classroom tool.

Price: £85.00 +VAT

10.2″ Android Tablet
Designed for both the classroom and remote learning at home at low cost but with all the features needed. Connect at school or home via WiFi to the internet or connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone hotspot if there is no internet connection at home. Use Android or Chromebook to help children maintain contact, learn online with live lessons or by remote LMS learning
  • Android  10.2 inch tablet with WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Camera for online meetings
  • Keyboard for typing
  • The magnetic carry case that acts as a stand and provides protection when carried
  • Optional Bluetooth mouse available with full click and scroll functions
  • Connection for a keyboard to tablet avoids the need for additional power sources or cables and charging
We have headsets with microphones that will connect via a 4 pin audio input and webcams if needed to enhance the basic learning tablet.

Price: £ 150.00 +VAT

10.2″ Windows 10 Tablet
Windows 10 tablet designed for both the classroom and remote learning at home at low cost but with all the features needed. Connect at school or home via WiFi to the internet or connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone hotspot if there is no internet connection at home. Learn online with live lessons or by remote LMS learning
  • Win 10 10.2 inch tablet with WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Front and rear cameras for online meetings
  • Keyboard for typing
  • A magnetic carry case that acts as a stand and provides protection when carried
  • Optional Bluetooth mouse available with full click and scroll functions
  • 4 pin internal connection between keyboard and tablet avoids the need of additional power sources or cables and charging
  • OTG cable adds an additional USB input port for webcam or mouse etc
  • Windows 10 operating system optional *

Price: £220.00 + VAT (OS sold separately £40.00 + VAT)*

COVID 19 Killing BioBarrier solution for schools.

Kill COVID 19

for a minimum of 28 days

StereX Multi-Surface BioBarrier Solution is proven to kill 99.999% of COVID 19, all other known Coronaviruses and  bacteria.

It is certified to last a minimum of 28 days.

StereX integrated system of protection –

BioBarrier/Sanitiser/Bleach will provide protection for up to 3 months.

Key Features:

  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses on impact
  • Creates an impenetrable Bio-Barrier
  • Provides protection on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Safe to use in food handling areas. Complies with BS EN 13697
  • Water soluble and chlorine free
  • Non-toxic
  • Complies with British Standard EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 (tested and proven to kill all known Coronaviruses)

Providing a safe working and learning environment free of COVID 19

We are committed to making sure that all who work in schools, workplaces and caring environments have the protection they deserve.

To find out more Click here

PPE to support Education

Senior leaders and Governing bodies are trying to work out how to provide a safe learning environment so that children can return to school as soon as possible. Being an education company we want to help and support in any way we can. We have managed to source supplies which may well help in creating a safe learning environment and also give pupils, staff and parents confidence in the school procedures.
We are happy for a school to order small quantities so that money is not tied up in stock. We are happy to work with you to work out weekly or monthly regular orders. If you find you do not need to order on one week or month then let us know and we can defer the order. We are here to help you maximise your budget.

We have a variety of products available please see below.

Hand Sanitiser

UK Manufactured

500ml 70%

Price: £3.85  (500ml)  excl VAT and delivery


Three-ply medical mask.

Features include:

  • Pleated with ear loops
  • 3 ply / 3 layer construction
  • Splash resistant protection against blood and bodily fluids
  • Non-sterile

Price: £20.00 (pack of 50)   excl delivery


Respirator Mask

Features include:

  • Tight-fitting respirators create a seal with the wearers face to protect from harmful pathogens
  • Provides two-way protection by filtering inflow and outflow of air
  • Prevents 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size

Price: £ 7.00 (pack of 5)  excl  delivery

Please contact us with your requirements tel. 07949293995

Early Years return in China

9:00 am arrived on Monday 11th May and the Early Years children began filtering through the NBIS gate. At the gate they had their health code checked, handed in their health declaration form, said goodbye to their parents, and were meet by Early Years teachers who then guided them to their classrooms. Other Early Years children caught their school bus in the morning. They had their temperature taken and green health code checked by their bus teacher. This has now become part of their new daily routine. While some things have changed others have stayed the same.


Ningbo International School click to see how the return was managed. NBIS

How other countries are coping with school closures and the use of technology.

We have all worked tremendously hard to ensure learning carries on for our young people in this country, We have placed resources online, we have Tweeted successes and joined Social Media projects to learn more about online learning. We have had problems! Access for some families, engagement issues with others. Technology resource overload has been a problem for some being hit with so many resources over a short space of time.

For another perspective find out what is happening in another country Senegal.

Insight Resources give Mr Bit to young people for free!

Mr Bit

Insight Resources are giving away their fantastic visual Micro:bit programming app for free. As our young people are not at school they thought it would be a good idea to engage young people in programming the Microbit. Mr Bit is a visual way to code the Micro:bit using plain english so that the connections to the program are simplified. Share the link and get our young people programming while they are at home. Schools who are open and catering for key worker children are also eligible to down load the free software. ENJOY!

Data Handling and Mathematics using Data Logging

The Science Lab in the palm of your hand!

We are offering half-day sessions in schools. Pick the date choose the time and we will deliver data logging lessons with the most up-to-date equipment in education. Suitable for Key Stage 2 especially Year 4

Taking pond water temperature

Your children will work in groups, a maximum of four in a group.

They will:

be able to explain what data can be collected using sensors

use data from a sensor to answer a given question

identify that data from sensors can be recorded

carry out experiments and record their results.

analyse the data and reach conclusions regarding what they have discovered.

create their own experiments and download their results.

use their data to present their finding to the class or the school

Half a day session £125.00 + VAT £150.00

For more information and to book a session for your school simply contact Mike Carter

email: telephone: 01916917490 mobile: 07949293995

Dell Monitors available price negotiable

We have been made aware of the availability of 350 17″ (1708fp) monitors collected as part of a reorganisation at an office on Tyneside.

Dell 1708FP

There are also 350 Dell 22″ monitors on offer.

Dell 22″ monitor

These are offered as coming from a working office environment. The price is negotiable.

Contact: Phil to work out prices. 07801200100

UK Schools Summer Break 2022

By Liz – Flickr: Teams and overview, CC BY 2.0,

Most schools in the UK will be finishing this week beginning 18th July 2022. Many teachers will be breathing a sigh of relief that the year is finally ending. In secondary schools, the joys and tribulations of GCSE and A Level results will have registered and the final prom will have been attended. A Level students are now focused on the next part of their careers. In primary schools, the highs and lows of SATs are overshadowed by the joys of the end-of-term trips, transition time in the next class, residentials and final leavers assemblies.

This year has been particularly exhausting for teachers across the country and we wish you all a thoroughly well-earned rest over the summer.

Planning for 2022 2023

If you are planning your curriculum for next year then here are some of our products which we feel will help you deliver an exciting curriculum.

Mr BIT Programming for the Micro:bit

The Mr Bit program is a fun way to introduce your pupils to programming as it uses sentences to control the device. Pupils are able to build their program on screen and save it for later when they can then connect the micro:bit

  • Mr Bit is ideal for beginners.
  • Create programs in plain English; they are always easy to understand.
  • Learn “computational thinking”, a vital skill for designing programs.

There are 18 Mr Bit Experiments for introducing sensors and controlling devices in the Mr Bit DIY Starter Kit.  Learn how to connect sensors, LEDs and a buzzer to the micro:bit pins.

The Mr Bit program editor is different from other coding editors in that your program says exactly what it does; it’s in plain English!  Also, it’s very easy to use. See the video below.

Introduction to Mr Bit, a fun way to learn to program

We have a single licence for use at home which we offer free of charge. Our unlimited school one off payment licence is available for £99.00 +VAT Contact:

iLOG Junior for micro:bit has been specially designed with younger pupils in mind, offering a similar range of data-logging functions and graph windows to iLOG for micro:bit, but with a simplified set of analysing tools and a library of experiments suited to the primary school curriculum.  A unique feature of the program is a selection of cartoon movies which can motivate pupils’ interest in data-logging and graphs by introducing an element of fun.

Our unlimited one off payment school licence is available for £99.00 +VAT Contact:

The Future of Education in the 21st Century

In 1973 a book based on the National Child Development Study following the development of children born between 3-9th March 1958 and subsequent information gathered in 1969 was published

Do we mind if children grow up in bad housing when we could do something about it?

Do we mind the stress caused by low incomes when we could afford to change it?

Do we really care as a society sufficiently about our children to reduce drastically the hardships of their families?

Do we care that so many are Born to Fail?

Peter Wedge & Hiary Prosser: Arrow Books 1973 ISBN 0 09 908280 2

In 1973 unemployment stood at 3.7% in April 2022 the rate was 3.8%

In terms of disadvantages between 1973 and 2022, we should look at access to technology as Wedge & Prosser ask the question ” do we want technological progress or human progress” They ask “How many of our pleasures are bought at the expense of the disadvantaged”

Although I do not put these points forward as a research paper, I am drawn to ask what is it we have actually learned in the 50 years since the book was first published. I have tried to look at data from the 2021 Census to draw comparisons but not all data is yet accessible.

It does feel to me that we have had a long time to learn from the mistakes of the past and really we have ignored ways in which we could have changed society for the better. We still have a social divide we still have unsuitable housing stock.

We still have a significant amount of young people who are not able to take part in society and fulfil their potential.

In the book it is argued that the parents are not “inadequate” but that “their problems are too numerous and overwhelming and that this is not their fault; they should not be expected to cope”. The real problem is the “lack of decent housing and a sufficient income”.

If we look at the challenges in 2022 we should be able to see that nothing really has changed!

In 1973 there were 14.7% of schools’ meals were provided free. In 2021 that figure was 22.5%

Are we really back to the 1970s as far as society is concerned. Please share your views and optimism!

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Future Career demand

6 Most In-demand Educational Trends for the Future

Alt-text: Displayed data from an ICT


The labour market in the US has gone through major transformations in recent years due to changes in the new production model, which is shifting towards technology. That’s why several areas of knowledge are switching in the upcoming decades. 

Therefore some careers will be more in-demand in the future than others. Do you want to know what the jobs of the future are? We have compiled a list of the most booming career trends.  

Cyber Security Expert

Companies and organisations of all kinds face an increasing number of cyber-attacks daily, and trained professionals in this field are still insufficient. The threat is growing hand in hand with digitalization, and any company must be able to manage its data, store it, and protect it. 

Being the new challenge for organizations and the shortage of professionals in this field produces a setback in developing emerging technologies. For this reason, the role of cybersecurity experts will be increasingly important, and the profession is becoming more and more in demand. You can attend a tech school like Coding Dojo to help you gain relevant knowledge and skills to work in the field of cyber security.

Digital Product Manager

The mission of the product manager is none other than to coordinate all the teams involved in a product development process. This goes from its conceptualization to its launch, along with the appropriate changes in the process, marketing plan, sales follow-up, and more.

This is one of the careers of the future because the work of these professionals is fundamental in discovering new markets, developing new products, and leading them to success. Moreover, the growth in demand is mainly because the activity of American companies in international markets is constantly increasing. 

UI/UX Designer

Behind every digital product, there is a UX Designer. This professional is in charge of creating unique virtual experiences so that the product becomes part of the user’s life.

According to a study by Adobe, 87% of UX managers and leaders agree that integrating product designers is a top priority for the organization. Moreover, 73% mentioned that they plan to double the number of these profiles in their teams in the next five years.

If you want to become an expert, consider the Thinkful UI/UX Bootcamp. You will be able to manage a digital project relying on design tools to create unique, intuitive digital products that will be part of our daily lives. 

Data Analyst

Data has become the basis of digital transformation and among most tech jobs, data analyst stands out. According to LinkedIn, it’s one of the 15 most important emerging professions due to the need to manage generated data in the future. By 2025 more than 40 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

Data analysts typically work in an organization-level role and may be responsible for creating and maintaining large amounts of data in different formats. Data analysts work with numbers, metrics, and analytics to create reports and understand company performance.

Software Engineer

The Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) assures that software and application development is one of the emerging trades that will be most in demand in the next ten years.

In short, software engineering is about solving everyday problems through technology. It might sound simple, but in reality, it requires multiple skills that come into play to provide precise solutions to corporate problems and generate new development opportunities for organizations. 

The solutions provided by the professional can be related to issues as diverse as the deployment of a company’s services, production, sales, customer service, and more.

Blockchain Architect

Blockchain has become a technology industry buzzword. It is a set of technologies that allows electronic devices to keep a decentralized, distributed, synchronized, and highly secure record of the information they work with.

It allows you to identify each person and device uniquely. You can store and trace that identification at all times. These new technologies are increasingly used in companies, and managing them is one of the future careers.

María Elena González is a seasoned content writer. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Universidad del Zulia, María started working as a writer, journalist, video editor, and digital marketer. María’s other professional interests include forensic psychology and journalism, where she wants to use technology to share statistics and conduct research.

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Gateshead Millenium Bridge

In 1996 Gateshead Council launched a competition to build a new bridge over the River Tyne. Their brief was simple:

Create a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists that:

  • Allowed ships to pass underneath;
  • Did not overshadow the world-famous view of the existing bridges;
  • Didn’t obstruct the Quayside.

Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Gifford and Partners of Bolton met the criteria perfectly.

The bridge was transported in parts from Bolton to Wallsend where it was fabricated and painted. It was then transported 6 miles up the River Tyne by a massive floating crane, Asian Hercules II.

August 1996Design competition launched
February 1997Winning design announced. Detailed design work begins
May 1999Construction work begins
November 2000Asian Hercules transports bridge 6 miles from Wallsend
June 2001The opening mechanism used for the first time
September 2001The bridge opens to the public
May 2002The Queen officially opens Gateshead Millennium Bridge

This year 2022, the bridge will be 21 years old. It cost £22m to build, stands 50m above the River Tyne and spans 126m across the river. The Millenium Bridge has won many awards so far in its lifetime. It is a visual icon bringing tourists to the North East.

As September 2022 will be the 21st-anniversary of the bridge’s opening to the public we would like to support schools to learn about bridge building through the ages.

We have a great resource available for schools to support the STEAM agenda which incorporates storytelling, history, design and creativity. we call it STEMventures

Learn about bridgebuilding through a story-based scenario.
  • Learn how to identify different bridges (Beam, Truss, Cantilever).
  • Increase their vocabulary related to bridge design and static physics.
  • Begin to understand the engineering design process
  • Learn about different costs associated with modern bridge building.
  • Have the opportunity to manipulate a CAD adjacent virtual design program.
  • Gain an introduction to modern and historically relevant engineers across different cultures.
  • Finally learn a little about Norse mythology.

For more information

Contact: mike@tyncan,com tel: 07949293995

11 Years in Business 2011-2022

It was in April 2011 that I decided I would start an education company. I was a great believer in communication and I wanted the name of the company to reflect that so I went about trying to register Tincan the original logo was a couple of cans joined together by string.

However, Rio Tinto had a claim on the Tincan side of things so I looked for a way to use the idea. As I live on Tyneside I thought that it would be a good idea to change the i to a y and came up with Tyncan. Just to be different I made the c a capital and TynCan was born. So that people would know we were an educational business we trade as TynCan Learning.

The last ten years have been amazing. In 2011 we signed a contract with the Open University to train teachers. I began lecturing at Newcastle University. We had a suite of offices and training rooms in Jesmond. In 2012 the offices were flooded and the landlord would not agree to put things right. When the lease came up for renewal we asked for a rolling monthly lease period, they insisted on a year so we left. The premises stayed vacant for a long while. In the early years, I visited many schools delivering training and supporting schools with their delivery of ICT. TynCan became the first company to host C@S Hub meetings on Tyneside something that I am really proud of. In 2012 I visited Lithuania a country that just blew me away. I fell in love with the country and the people. I worked with schools and spoke at conferences, not to show them how good we were with technology but to share and see how they used technology in schools.

The journey has been wonderful, I have made so many new friends and colleagues. We have close relations with our partners in China and India and we have just begun working with partners in the USA enCode/Create a video games creation company. Young people learn to write real code while making video games. We work closely with Valiant Technology the oldest education robotics company in the world which produce a real educational robot the Roamer. I am looking forward to new developments with Roamer in the future. Each course teaches programming concepts through fun projects. EnCode Create courses, offer over 100 hours of coding curriculum, with more courses and projects being added every month. There is no limit to the kinds of games that students can build. They can change the artwork on every game, or add new code features as they become more confident.

Working as we do with Insight Resources we have been able to offer their software to schools. They have a super software program to support Datalogging in schools called iLog. Great for Year 4 but also fantastic for the whole of KS2 and KS3 on offer to support the Micro:bit.

We have plans for the future. . .

We want to increase our international presence and also work in the EU. To this end, we have signed a contract with a software company in Denmark.

We are also looking to work with a company from Hungary whose ideology is in keeping with our own.

Our Philosophy is about:

“Placing technology in the hands of young people!”

The advent of COVID has been devastating for us. International travel was banned, schools “closed ” and teachers worked so hard to provide a stable space for their pupils and students. The last thing schools needed was any sales literature crossing their inboxes. We decided to look at where TynCan Learning should go next as gaining access to go into schools was not possible. We decided to change our emphasise and aim towards providing online resources which schools can buy into for those in class and for those learning at home.

We now have a range of products that are innovative and fun. We offer online as well as software/apps resources. We have products that young people can handle and get to grips with. All the companies we work with have been vetted by ourselves, we know the owners and we have a synergy with their philosophy of learning with technology.

Spending time at BETT 2022 was great, I caught up with friends and colleagues that I had not seen in two years and I looked for innovative technologies which may be in keeping with our philosophy. One thing that did make me think whilst in London was that there is a real need for teachers to have hands-on experience with technology this means taking the tech to the school and “placing it in the hands of young people”. I would like to invite schools to sign up for an afternoon session using technology. We will visit your school and bring the digital technology and work with your young people. We will look at Datalogging and bring them into school for your young people to experience.

We will do this for £150.00 + VAT

To start this initiative we will visit the first 5 schools to register free of charge.


We look forward to providing digital products and technologies for use in schools for the next 11 years.