Children can benefit from being bored.

How many times have parents heard the phase “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do”. How many times have we as parents had a  panic attack and been pushed almost to the brink to be able to undo the boredom so that our children can flourish. Well it may be that we are not helping our children and instead we should focus on the boredom and turn it into a positive. 

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Governments blew $2.4 billion in a year shutting off the internet—and WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger—to control their citizens — Quartz

How would you react to the internet being switched off, closed down, disabled by the government? It is bad enough when your ISP has problems. What are your views on thia happening to keep political control?

Outdoor Learning report

outdoor learning

Children learning outside

So at last what many of us have instinctively understood is backed by evidence from England’s largest outdoor learning project. The weight of evidence is compelling. A hefty 95 percent of children surveyed said outdoor learning makes lessons more enjoyable, 90 percent said they felt happier and 72 percent said that they got on better with others

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Today I received a link into my inbox to an online newspaper celebrating the fact that children all over the region would be starting their first week back and especially for those who would be starting their first ever week at school. Nothing wrong so far. The article focussed on a family and their young child. it explained the issues for parents and gave some tips for new starters and had comments from the reception teacher. However the article features a photograph of the parents and the young boy  in school uniform. The caption displayed their names and the school to which they were sending their son along with a video of the family. There was also a picture of the son and some classmates at school. The captions identifying the school. There was also a series of pictures showing the pupils enjoying learning in the school on the first day. The newspaper then invited other proud parents to post their first day at school photos on the site by filling in a website form

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There was no box that I could see to tick to say do not send marketing material only a box to agree to the terms and conditions.

The site has a gallery where visitors are able to scroll through and see pupils in their uniforms and which schools they go to.

I decided to see how easy it would be to find someone and so I picked a photo at random and did a normal internet search, straight away I found the person (the mother of a new reception child) and then clicked a link to a social media site with her name and found a picture of her son ( the new starter) .

I try not to be paranoid when using the internet as I am a great believer in people using technology. However I question how responsible the Media site is when they can publish this amount of personal data about a child including the name of the school.  Don’t get me wrong it is great for the school to show how well they are looking after the pupils and it is great that parents can “show off” their beloved children to the world. However, I thought we as teachers had a duty of care to protect children from danger? The internet is a dangerous place as educational professionals know so why provide anyone in the world with really high level personal information about your child?

I would welcome comments about this posting. Tell me if you think I am being overprotective. Also share your views on this topic.

I have not identified the Media or the school to avoid advertising further information about children.